Day Zero

Attending a conference sounds easy enough. Pack your laptop, make sure you don’t forget your charger and drink enough water. And then there’s re:Invent: time to travel halfway across the globe (sorry flat-earthers). To share the fun with all you stay-at-home developers, we compiled a list of the most memorable moments of sitting still on an airplane for 16 hours.

Brussels New York

We got through security. Kenneth got his deodorant taken away, which made him very sad. 😭 So we got ourselves some healthy juices with pineapple and melon, which made him a little less sad. 😌 After that, people started boarding. We waited, because standing in line didn’t seem like a very rewarding task. We boarded, sat down in our seats and the plane took off. No birds were harmed during the process. On our plane, there were also other Belgians going to re:Invent, which was a relaxing feeling knowing we got on the right plane. Once we were in the air, we watched Monsters Inc., one of the best movies ever, and Ad Astra, a movie that will never make that list.

Concrete jungle, wet dream, tomato

About 8 hours later, we landed in New York. Some people applauded, which reminded me that very few people applaud when I deploy to production. Note to self: mention this in retrospective. We were also very ecstatic, until we had to wait in line for border control, which seemed like a massive wall holding us back.
The waiting in line was all worth it, because we got through security without causing any problems. Us getting through so quickly, resulted in 2 extra hours of waiting. Being the problem solvers that we are, we sat in bar and enjoyed some fine beer and chicken taquitos. That was 70 dollars well spent.

New York Las Vegas

Rob watched The Greatest Showman, Kenneth watched Free Solo. Then we slept.

Entering the City of Sins

We waited half an hour to pick up our luggage. We didn’t have to; we just really wanted to let our suitcase enjoy the conveyor belt. A taxi drove us to our hotel (Park MGM). Then we showered and went to bed.

First day in Vegas

“Make sure the alarm is set”, said no one ever. So we didn’t and slept until noon (Europe/Brussels). One thing became clear very quickly, finding a healthy breakfast is harder than setting up a Google Cloud account. We went for a typical American breakfast, it’s like a British breakfast minus the vegetables. It might not have been the healtiest thing I’ve ever eaten, but I had my calory intake for an entire day in a single meal, which was very efficient. After we contemplated our breakfast decisions, we picked up our conference badge and water bottle so we’re all set for tomorrow.