Midnight Madness

Like many other AWS products, Midnight Madness has a very descriptive name. ‘Midnight’ refers to the privilege of staying up ‘till midnight, and ‘madness’ refers to the endless queue to get in the venue. So without further ado, let’s dive into the madness.

Tatonka challenge

Nothing says “Welcome to a tech conference” more than eating 5000 chicken wings, and that is exactly what the Tatonka Challenge is about. Five hundred pre-registrered champions compete in this glorious battle to defend the honour and pride of their families. All giving their best to be crowned the destroyer of chicken wings, Las Vegas prepares for this annual tradition.
The bell rings, the tension rises and 500 beasts devour chicken like their lives depend on it. Minutes pass, bones are buried and the weak leave their tables trying to hide their tears. After 5 rounds, some guy named Mike is crowned champion while he claims his prize of a free re:Invent 2020 ticket and eternal glory.

Air guitar World Championships

To stumble from one life changing experience into another, the Tatonka Challenge was followed by a live performance of the world champion air guitar. While on stage, I couldn’t tell the difference with Freddie Mercury himself. An act truly worthy of Las Vegas. I gave it my all, my luscious locks were fluttering in the wind supported by the raw sound of airguitars and airdrums. I headbanged until the sun came up. (This didn’t actually happen, I still have a little bit of dignity left.)

First re:Invent release

2017 brought us Amazon Sumerian, 2018 brought us RoboMaker, and the expectations were high for 2019. With the rising of machine learning and artificial intelligence the recent years, most of us had an idea of what was coming. And AWS didn’t fail to deliver with the announcement of AWS DeepComposer. The new service won the naming contest, closely followed by Amazon managed piano. In its core, AWS Elastic Piano creates a musical masterpiece from a melody provided by the user. After providing a piano jingle, lay back and let DeepComposer do the rest. Other instruments, like drums and guitar, are added and a banger is delivered. With this new AWS service, 2019 might finally be the year that David Guetta is put out of business…by Alexa.

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