Media Analysis Evolved Workshop

Today we woke up feeling hungry, so we rushed to The Venetian for some delicious breakfast. AWS re:invent promises meals for every part of the day, but when we arrived at the venue, there was just one guy yelling that there was no breakfast today. Fortunately, we found a pretty good alternative at the Paris Baguette, where we had one of the coldest smoothies of our life. #MultipleBrainFreezes

After we were done enjoying our breakfast, we had to ga to the MGM Grand to go to our first workshop of the day: Media Analysis Evolved Workshop.

Media Insights Engine (MIE)

MIE is a serverless framework to accelerate the development of applications that discover insights in your video, audio, text and image resources by utilizing AWS Machine Learning services. The engine enables developers to:

  • Create media analysis workflows from a library of base operations built on AWS Machine Learning and Media Services such as Rekognition, Transcribe, Translate, Cognito, Polly and Elemental MediaConvert.
  • Execute workflows and store the resulting media and analysis for later use.
  • Query analysis extracted from media.
  • Interactively explore some of the capabilities of MIE using the included content and analysis and search web application.
  • Extend MIE for new applications by adding custom operators and custom data stores.

MIE comes with a web based interface to upload media, run content analysis workflows and view extracted metadata from their media files.

You can find more information about Media Insights Engine here.