Jill, this one's for you

Jill, we tried our best to fit in the daily Las Vegas life and take as much pictures as we could. Here’s everything we’ve learned.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so Las Vegas provides a variety of things to enjoy in the morning. Those are of course the breakfast burger and the breakfast burrito. With a nice glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee, you can enjoy up to 1500 calories in the morning. A burger consists of the bun, the burger, cheese and the breakfast toppings. Usually these are eggs and/or avocado. Look, they added avocado to make it healthy. The burrito follows the same principle, it consists of chicken, cheese eggs and some tomato to make it look healthy. If burritos and burgers aren’t your thing, you can opt for a croissant, or even a croissant filled with bacon and eggs.


Lunch is light and fast, so you don’t lose much time in the casino. You can go as heavy on the calories as you wish. Go for a sandwich or a burger, everything is possible. We mostly had lunch inside the conference venue, since it was pretty good. This consisted of a sandwich with either chicken or a vegetarian option and a bag of chips.


Dinner is mostly fast food, there’s a restaurant on every corner of the street and every side of the casino. If you like burgers, there’s Crack shack, Shake shack and Wendy’s for example . For the other people, you can go for either Thai, Mexican of pizza. Oh, by the way, the fries are crinkle-cut to make them look fancy (and they genuinely taste better).



Most beers are American, including Bud Light. But most bars have Stella on tap. If you don’t like beer, you can choose close to every liquor in the book. Really, if you can think of it, you can order it. Every bar in the casino has a shelve of booze that is at leat 10 meters wide. (Or as the Americans say, 32 feet)


Free refills in restaurants and your cheapest option in casinos. You can’t go wrong with a simple coke.


No. They all taste like a swimming pool. I bet even the swimming pool had less chlorine in it.


Since you’re not allowed to take pictures in casinos, I’ll try my best to describe it. They are everywhere, e v e r y w h e r e. You get off the plane, you see a casino. You check in in the hotel, you walk through the casino. You try to get to the AWS conference, you have to walk through te casino. They’re designed to get lost in and that is exactly what will happen. The most popular games include blackjack, roulette, poker and of course the slot machines. Surrounded by bars and scantily dressed women, the casinos are by far the most popular attraction in Las Vegas.

We “accidentally” took a picture of the slots when we we’re eating, you guessed it, a burger.


Besides the casinos, Las Vegas spends the night in either stripclubs or nightclubs. At this time of the year, Mariah Carey is on every billboard next to the same DJs that make up the Tomorrowland line-ups. Also, everything in Las Vegas is so fake, even the ceilings are painted: