Work hard, play hard. An expression we know well and we all hate it when it is used by start-ups without a vision. That usually means: “We have a pingpong table and drink beer and redbull on friday”. But when it is used by Amazon, it means something like: “We rented a couple tents, booked a fine DJ and have food and drinks on every corner”. Closing out re:Invent 2019 with another edition of re:Play, AWS gave us to opportunity to have a drink and play in the ballpit.

The highlights were obviously the ballpit that we didn’t do because the hour-long queue didn’t seem like a good idea. Closely followed was the buttonmash, which is a game that is exactly what it sounds like. 1 versus 1, mash the buttons as fast as you can to reach the finish line before your opponent. Kenneth and Rob weren’t that competitive at the end of the night, causing a little dissapointment for the bystanders 😊.

Besides drinking beer and playing games, A-Trak played a nice set. A bunch of developers dancing leaves nothing to the imagination. Personal spaces were ignored, beer was spilled, but it was a nice party nevertheless.